Concept Machine Tools Wisconsin Steakfest 2022

5/17 – 5/18/2022 Delafield, WI


Chevalier’s FSG-1224ADIV and SMART-B818III were exhibited

Representing Chevalier was Johnson Lan, Vice President & Head of Grinding Systems and Kanon Shiu, Product & Service Engineer. Chevalier showcased the FSG-1224ADIV, a fully automatic precision surface grinder that features Chevalier’s iSurface control and our SMART-B818III multi-functional CNC surface grinder with our SMART iControl.



Features Include:

  • Series offers several design features to shorten your processing and non-processing preparation while delivering high-precision workpieces year after year.
  • Exclusive PC-based (NC control) iSurface control featuring in-machine dynamic balancing, variable speed spindle, automatic dressing on table, smart grinding path and enhanced control system.
  • Series includes extended base guideways for crossfeed and longitudinal travel to enhance rigidity and stability, accuracy and eliminate table overhang to completely support permissible loads.
  • AC motor provides high torque, speed and accurate positioning with minimum increments of 0.001 mm or 0.00001".


Features Include:

  • Excellent for medical, automotive, mining, semiconductor, aerospace, injection mold making and job industries.
  • Exclusive PC-based SMART iControl featuring conversational programming, combined with TaskLink, it allows operators to create their own programs for generating complex grinding tasks in a single cycle.
  • Capable of producing complicated shapes for highly accurate workpieces along with finer finishes.
  • Counterweight balance system and double “V” design guideways for enhanced rigidity.
  • Fully enclosed cover design provides more protection, preventing cutting coolant splashing and oil mist dissipation.
  • iMCSTM (iMachine Communications System) collects and integrates data from different machine controllers and monitors the tasks and processes remotely.