UNi5X-400 5-Axis Vertical Machining Center

Jeff Lewis, Vice President

Bob Lewis Machine, Gardena, CA


5-Axis Vertical Machining Center

Applied Industries

Aerospace, automotive and mold making


At Bob Lewis Machine, UNi5X-400 is our first 5-axis vertical milling center that we purchased for aerospace and defense jobs. After using it for a year, we really like the chip conveyer system; it keeps the machine really clean and the trunnion table that makes it easy for the guys to get in and out. This machine also helped to reduce the production time with its rapid movement. We are very satisfied with UNi5X-400’s performance and the prompt customer services who comes the same day or next day. Now we experienced the benefits of the 5-Axis VMC, there is a space ready for another UNi5X-400. We will most definitely buy another Chevalier machine and recommend it to others.

For the full testimonial, please visit Chevalier’s YouTube Channel here!