01Jan 2018


SMART-818III grinder now has several new and improved features designed to satisfy customers' needs

SANTA FE SPRINGS, Calif., Dec. 11, 2017 - Long regarded as the most durable and accurate grinder in the CNC industry, the Chevalier SMART-818III is now equipped with several new and improved features designed to increase operator efficiency, machine productivity and to create a cleaner
workplace environment. These leading-edge improvements were incorporated based on our customers telling us what they need to stay competitive in an ever-changing and competitive industry.


  • The interior space of the SMART-818III with fully enclosed splashguard has been sharply increased, from 59" x 20" to 79" x 20" while the width of the floor space has been reduced from 104" to 84". The machine is roomier where it counts and takes up much less floor space.
  • A larger cover that opens from the top makes loading and unloading of workpieces easier and faster.
  • A wider front door and a larger viewing area provide a bigger and better view of the grinding operation, increasing operator efficiency.
  • A new splash cover design reduces oil mist leakage from the grinding process, resulting in a much drier and healthier work area.


  • A wider waterway accelerates the coolant discharge from the machine.
  • A now-standard LED working light better illuminates the interior of the machine.

“These customer-driven features have been added to a machine that already is highly regarded throughout the industry for its exemplary accuracy,” said Johnson Lan, vice president of Chevalier Machinery. “From the first finished workpiece to the one millionth in the same run, our customers consider the SMART-818III the most accurate and easiest-to-operate machine in the market.”