Product Name : FVG-4040DC
Product Description
Vertical Grinders
  • No overhang caused by chuck and workpiece, accuracy and surface finish is better than universal grinder.
  • Y-axis can swivel ±22o30', head stock also can rotate ±22o30', suitable for various grinding application.
  • Counter weight balance for elevation mechanism, providing smooth and high accuracy micro down-feed accuracy.
  • Linear way design for all slide ways, providing highest positioning accuracy and low vibration low chattering dynamic grinding. Great choice for high repeatability grinding accuracy.
  • Easy holding for irregular shape workpiece.
  • SMART Control
  • Table Size Diameter: up to 1,000mm (40")
  • Max. Table Swing: 12,000mm (47")
  • Max. Table Load: 20,00kg (4,400 lbs.)
  • Spindle Speed: 8,000rpm
  • Main Spindle Motor: 10HP
  • Work Table Axis: 0-100rpm
  • ID Grinding Range: 50-1,000mm (2"-40")
  • OD Grinding Range: 1,200mm (47")
  • Max. Grinding Length: OD 700mm (28") / ID 700mm (28")
  • X-Axis: -790mm(-31.1") / +1700mm (+66.9") Total Travel 2,700mm (106"); Z-Axis: 900mm (35")